AgSciTech is a Research Oriented Company located in Logan, Utah at the Spendlove Research Foundation facility. Agscitech is within a walking distance of USU. The close proximity to the university allows us to work closely with scientists and researchers at USU. Agscitech is dedicated to providing novel and effective solutions for agriculture and healthier lifestyle. Our mission is to improve human wellness and lives by applying science and technologies that are compatible with the environment.


Our products are based on Technologies, Patents, and Patents Pending in the areas of soil fertility and salinity, plant nutrition, microbiology, natural defense mechanisms, and disease prevention and control.


The technologies are developed by a team of four scientists and entrepreneurs:
• Dr. Rex Spendlove. Founder of Hyclone laboratories.
• Dr. Nabil Youssef: Scientist and entrepreneur.
Dr. Mike Awada holds doctorate degree in Biochemistry and analytical chemistry.
• Dr. Salam Awada: Worked for over 20 years in the fields of soil fertility and plant nutrition.

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